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Reponsible Travel

We believe that all travel, as far as possible, should be undertaken mindfully, with respect for people, the environment, nature, culture & local economy. 


With this in mind, from 2017 we will donate £1 from every booking to local social & environmental causes. 

We encourage all of our guests to travel mindfully and responsibly. We ask our guests the following:

Please respect our natural & historical environment

Your guide will be happy to help you take care of any litter or recycling - just ask. Please don't take flowers, shells, stones etc. Wildlife should be exactly that - wild. Please don't feed or approach wild animals or birds. When visiting historical sites, please take care not to damage or climb on ancient constructions. 

Try local food 

Ask your guide for recommendations! Wales produces some truly delicious cuisine, and your guide can make recommendations for sustainable choices. 

Talk to the locals 

Generally speaking, Wales is a friendly place that welcomes travellers open-heartedly - you can help to keep it that way! Smiling is infectious. 

Choose local

Staying at locally-run accommodation, eating at a local restaurant or buying locally-made souvenirs helps keep the local economy going. 

Stay a little longer

When you're short on time a flying visit is often all you can manage. However if you can, why not stay a little longer? You'll get to know the country better & support the local economy.