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Eat the Season

mum's leek & potato soup

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The British get a lot of stick for bland food and overuse of potatoes. OK, so we do use a lot of potatoes but let me tell you, good food is all about the context. On a cold welsh day after a long walk in the mountains, or braving the cold sea for a surf or coasteering session, there is nothing better than this nutritionally rich, bone-warming, traditional welsh leek & potato soup. Mum's is the best I've ever tasted, and luckily for you, she's letting me share her ridiculously easy recipe here. 

File_001 (2).jpeg


5 medium - large potatoes, peeled

2 fresh leeks 

Tablespoon of olive oil

Two large pinches of sea salt (preferably Halen Mon of course)

1.5 litres of stock - chicken is good, but vegetable stock works well too. 



1. Peel the potatoes & chop the leeks - use all of the leek right to the top for more flavour and colour.

2. Throw it all in a soup pan with the stock, olive oil & salt, simmer for 25 - 30 minutes, topping up with more stock if required. 

3. Blend to your preferred consistency and serve. A sprinkling of grated Caerphilly cheese and freshly ground black pepper goes very nicely.