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What to pack for a trip to Wales


What to pack for a trip to Wales

Nia Knott


You've booked your trip now all that's left to do is pack! Packing to visit a country with such a range of sights and unpredictable climate can be pretty daunting, but don't worry, we've got your packing covered. 

What to Wear

First things first, packing the right clothes can make or break your time in Wales. We recommend packing layers so that you can change with the weather. A couple of t-shirts, warm jumper or sweater, and whatever you do don't forget a waterproof coat, even if you're visiting Wales in Summer. Quick-dry trousers or waterproof over trousers may not win you many style points but you'll feel pretty pleased with yourself when everyone else gets caught out in a downpour in jeans! 

If you're visiting October - March you may want a woolly hat, scarf and gloves and if you're visiting April - September bring a hat and sunscreen. Sunglasses are useful year-round, because of the low angle of the sun in winter.

If you're spending any time exploring some of Wales' amazing countryside - whether it's the coastline or mountains then hiking boots will keep you supported and help to prevent injuries. If you're planning to explore cities, towns & castles then some lighter shoes are also a good idea. Wales isn't only about the outdoors though; our towns and cities have some brilliant nightlife so you might want to bring something to dress up for the evening. 

Travel essentials

All the usual travel essentials apply when visiting Wales. You'll really regret not bringing your 'proper' camera if you have one as Wales is a photographer's paradise, though phones do the job pretty well now too and make sharing photos so much easier, so if you're short on space just pack your phone (and charger!). Wales has pretty good wifi in most places now, so you can keep connected on the road. 

Most essentials like toiletries and over the counter medications can be picked up in Cardiff, Swansea, Bangor etc and even smaller towns will have places to stock up, so you can pack travel size toiletries then pick up more when you're here. 

Be a responsible traveller and bring a reusable water bottle - if you ask in pubs or cafes most will be happy to refill your bottle for you which cuts down on unnecessary plastic waste. 

We still love a good hard copy of a guidebook. Lonely Planet & Rough Guides both have Wales-specific guidebooks, and don't miss the official Wales Coast Path guide books - you can pick them up online before your trip or at most book shops here. 

These are our packing recommendations but we'd love to hear from you - what would you pack for Wales - tell us in the comments below!