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Five of Wales' most epic travel experiences


Five of Wales' most epic travel experiences

Nia Knott

Are you looking for a trip to remember, full of adventure and unique experiences? Read on to discover why Wales should be your next destination.

Coasteering, Pembrokeshire

Climb, scramble and swim your way around this stunning rocky coastline before plunging into turquoise waters from a great height. Cold water? Even better! This exhilarating sport was invented here, so there's no better way to get up close and personal with one of Wales' best assets - our beautiful coastline. 

Walk behind a waterfall, Brecon Beacons

Can you imagine the sound of several thousand litres of water crashing down centimetres before your eyes, the strange silent stillness of that peaceful place behind the curtain of water, like another world. The rocks are carpeted in the most vibrant green moss, testament to the purity and cleanliness of the mist filled air. Breathe deeply! Then plunge your head under for a hair wash like you've never experienced before! 



Camp overnight at castle ruins, Glamorgan Heritage Coast

Wales has its fair share of campsites in stunningly beautiful locations. One of the best has to be the idyllically situated Ogmore Tipis. Sit under the stars on the banks of the river Ogmore, and wake overlooking the 12th Century castle ruins shrouded in morning mist. Visit for more details. 

Overnight in the Brecon Beacons  

The entire Brecon Beacons is an International Dark Sky Reserve, making it one of the world's best places to watch the night skies. The stars are deafeningly loud here, the terrain is rugged, wild ponies roam the mountains; wherever you stay for the night you're bound to have an incredible view. 


Ladder cliff climb, Glamorgan Heritage Coast

Dare you descend a 40m cliff using the local fishermen's rickety old set of ladders? Well it is pretty solidly drilled into the cliff, but you wouldn't want to miss your footing here! Reach the bottom though, and you'll be rewarded most times with an entire stretch of pebble and sand beach to yourself! 

Discover all this and more on one of our small group tours. 


Please note, some of the above activities involve a certain element of danger and are undertaken at your own risk. It's always wise to use a specially trained activity provider for your safety.