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Six of Wales' best kept secret spots for beauty & seclusion


Six of Wales' best kept secret spots for beauty & seclusion

Nia Knott

Of course, we're not going to give away our absolute favourite top secret spots - those are reserved for sharing with our guests only! But if you want to get off the beaten track in Wales and discover some stunningly beautiful yet secluded places frequented only by a couple of locals and maybe some sheep, read on.


1. Monknash beach, Vale of Glamorgan 


Can't decide whether you want to go to the woods or the beach? No worries, this place has both! The path runs down through deciduous woodland alongside a river with a series of small falls and pools and past an old ruined mill then into a clearing which gives way to a storm beach with dramatic cliffs and sweeping views out over the Bristol Channel. The walk back uphill can be thirsty work, so it's a good job there's a gorgeous 14th century pub serving local ales & tasty home cooked meals in the nearest village. Easily spooked? The woods and pub are both said to be so haunted that even the local fishermen tend to go in pairs at night time!


2. Cwm Pennant, Snowdonia


While the rest of Snowdonia is teeming with tourists year-round, this hidden gem of a valley is much less known and far less trampled. Carpeted in wild flowers in the spring, and with a sparking blue lake to cool off in after a long hike in intense summer sun, you'll often have this place completely to yourself! 



3. Mewslade, Gower Peninsula 


Accessible only on the low tide, and a hike from the nearest access point, this can feel like a different world entirely to the nearby popular beaches of Three Cliffs, Oxwich and Rhossilli. With dramatic towering cliffs, powerful waves and access to a secret bay at very low tide; it's hard to believe this place is such a well-kept secret! 


4. Traethllyfn, Pembrokeshire 


Another secluded beach, almost as far out West as you can get in Wales, this stunning black rock beach is accessed by a steep staircase, reached through cliff top farmland. Only a handful of people make the descent from the coastal path which lies on the cliff top above, with views of far-reaching turquoise seas, and the occasional pod of dolphins or solitary seal. 


5. Wynford Vaughan Thomas Memorial & viewpoint 

With sweeping views taking in the whole of the Snowdonian mountain range; you'll feel quite literally on top of the world, especially if you've hiked up the mountain to get here! The memorial was named after respected Welsh writer and broadcaster Wynford Vaughan Thomas, because he believed that the view from this spot was the best in Wales. We couldn't agree more!

6. Tre'r Ceiri Iron Age hill fort 


Standing on top of a gloriously exposed hilltop, which crashes down straight into the Irish Sea from its 450m peak, this hill fort is the best preserved, and thought to be most densely occupied Iron Age Hillfort in Britain. Despite this, you'll rarely see more than a couple of people at the top, and most days you'll have the place entirely to yourself! The panoramic views from here are quite simply, some of the best in the World. 

Want more? Why not let us show you the best hidden secrets in Wales on one of our tours? 

All images other than Wynford Vaughan Thomas Memorial View & Tre'r Ceiri view are Copyright Mari Owen