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Are our tours right for you?

Are you an adventurous, open-minded traveller, with love for getting to the heart of a place and going local ? Want an authentic but stress-free trip? Then Real Wales Tours is what you're looking for.

Our groups are purposefully small and personal - maximum 8 people plus your guide / driver. You'll experience the best and most beautiful aspects of local life in Wales...the Real Wales.

We've designed our signature group tours to be as hassle free, and reasonably priced as possible, without taking away the spontaneity and adventure of independent travel. 

Personalised tours can be arranged to your requirements, and to suit your budget - just ask!  

You may be planning a trip of a few weeks and want to see as much of Wales as you can. Or, perhaps you're already visiting another part of the UK and don't want to miss what is renowned as one of the best parts of the country. If you find yourself in Cardiff with a day or so to spare, get in touch, as we can undoubtedly help you make the most of your time here.

We offer language support on our tours for those that are not confident in English, to ease your travel and help you get the most out of your time in the country. However, we're not interpreters and don't claim to be word-perfect! We adopt and encourage a relaxed approach to communication.

We can accommodate families on request - we can provide car seats, baby carriers & backpacks. If you have young children we'll be happy to arrange a tour to suit your needs - we know how important meals & nap times are!